As Research Chef for FoodPIC at the University of Georgia, Mark Thomas shares a unique ability to tap into the faculty and scientists that make up this organization to support the needs of his clients.

Whether the project requires technical, engineering, creative, culinary, packaging, marketing or scale-up expertise, we can provide the firepower to make it happen.  We draw on a network of specialists built over two decades of succesful project contracting. 
The ability of M.D.T., Ltd. to envision the broad picture comes from over 40 years of multi-disciplinary experience in the international food and beverage industry.  This fact is evident in all project results; we work with our clients, ensuring the project objectives and results reflect their corporate strategy.

Consumer satisfaction and validation is an ongoing objective for every project undertaken by M.D.T., Ltd.
How Can We Help?
        Brand Development
           New Product Development
                Sales Strategy and Planning Support
                    Concept and Recipe Development
                        Strategic Business Review
                            Product Demonstration

What Services Do We Offer?
    Targeted sales support as part of YOUR team.
    Training sales staff and brokers.
    Leading creative ideation and development programs.
    Provide immediate culinary credibility.
    Provides culinary solutions that are commercially feasible.
    Proven track record of getting the prototype off the bench through the plant and to the end-user.
    Expert legal witness.
M.D.T., Ltd. 
                            An innovative approach to success and satisfaction in the global food and service industries 
Competent, Quality Consulting and Solutions.

Manufacturer Services

Principal Manufacturer and Supplier Services

No Surprises

The ability to react quickly and appropriately in today's changing markets requires talented assets.  Not every company has the need or financial ability to maintain a staff 365 days a year.  M.D.T., Ltd. is well suited to provide highly targeted efforts in support of your foodservice and consumer market goals.
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